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Let me Fall
My Hands


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I admire all of you who are good artists. Someday I'll be like that! But, for now.....yeah, this is all you get. This is most of the stuff from my most recent sketchbook, the stuff next to it is what I wrote about the sketch on the back of it right after it was drawn. I might add a bit more whatever. If you like the pics, email me and I can send you the real thing. These are about 30% the size that they are in real life. :):) Enjoy!

The sketch that I took this from was 'Princess Annabelle. I turned her into an Urchin.

Drew it at Bay Beach, sitting outside the ferris wheel. What does that tell ya?

Orignially the guy's hair was spiky, but I couldn't draw that. :P The girl turned out okay though.

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Why isn't anybody listening?! 6-8-02
My mom said I was to cranky to go out the night I drew this, but she wasn't letting me explain why.

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Sometimes, I wish people would just leave me alone
I'm not cranky, today just started out badly.... 6-8-02

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Zooey Deschanel from seventeen mag. Can't draw cats, and her head is too long.

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Wanted 'em to look like b/f and g/f, but they look like bro.and sis. Cant draw boy's heads/profiles

I read too many comics. The color didn't scan well either.