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Let me Fall
Show me what it's for


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Okay, here's what I'm about...

Right now I'm seventeen and making my way through Junior year in highschool. My life is usually really good, even if it can get stressful.

I love to play piano, and read classic books. Hanging out with my friends is also cool, it's kind of hard to have fun sometimes because I have two different kinds of friends. I have my cool friends at school; the drama/newspaper kids, I play piano for showchoir so I have a few friends in there, and my buddies that I've been with since freshman year (such a long time ago!). My other group of friends are from my church. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's not a very common religion (not in WI at least, maybe in Utah) so when I can hang out with other church members I like to.  In some ways it's more fun b/c we all understand how hard it is to uphold the standards of our church, and that's something that my other friends don't understand as well. I also have my senior buddies from 2000. These awsome people I knew freshman year, and now they're all entering the "real world" and I'm still tagging along. It's hard to juggle all the different people I meet, most people I meet I become friends with, so I try to hang out with everyone...sometimes all my different influences crash together, but I never burn.

That's me in a nutshell I suppose. I love my church, my friends, and I think I'm doing a decent job of being a teenager; at least I try hard.

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Sketch done from a
 seventeen magazine.
 Ain't she pretty?