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Let me Fall
Praise to the Man


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I love the scriptures. Here is where I'm going to ramble about them a bit, either the Book of Mormon, or the Doctrine and Covenants. What? You mean you've never heard of those scriptures? They're the best. Check it out. 
:):) He'res the rhymes for all the scripture masteries. We learned 'em all last week.
 D&C 1:37-38   
Doctrine and Covenants,  section one
Search the commandments everyone 

  D&C 8:2-3    
Doctrine and Covenants, section eight,
Revelation is great 
D&C 10:5 
Doctrine and Covenants, section ten,
Prayer conquers Satan then

D&C 14:7 
Doctrine and Covenants, fourteen,
Eternal life, enduring 

 D&C 18:10, 15-16  
Doctrine and Covenants, eighteen,
The worth of souls, is keen

 D&C 19:16-19 
Doctrine and Covenants, nineteen,
Christ's suffering is seen

 D&C 25:12 
Doctrine and Covenants, twenty-five,
Sing spiritual songs,  alive

D&C 58:26-27 
Doctrine and Covenants, fifty eight,
Free agents don't wait
D&C 58:42-43
 Doctrine and Covenants, fifty-ache
Confess, and forsake 
D&C 59:9-10
Doctrine and Covenants,
Sabbath day, divine 
D&C 64:9-11 
Doctrine and Covenants, sixty four,
You can, forgive more,
 D&C 64:23
Doctrine and Covenants, sixty-fur
Tithe, or, burn for sure 

  D&C 76:22-24 
Doctrine and Covenants, seventy-six
Their testimony sticks 

  D&C 82:3
Doctrine and Covenants, eighty-two,
 He Requires much of you 

 D&C 82:10
Doctrine and Covenants, eighty-two
He's bound when you do 

 D&C 84:33-39
Doctrine and Covenants, eighty-four,
Priesthood oath, opens the door
  D&C 88:123-124 
Doctrine and Covenants, eighty-eight,
Cease, to, sleep late 
D&C 89:18-21
Doctrine and Covenants, eighty nine
Food and drink, divine
 D&C 121:34-36 
Doctrine and Covenants, one-twenty-one,
You can be a chosen one 

  D&C 130:18-19    
Doctrine and Covenants, one-thirty
Knowledge, laws, and Deity 
D&C 130:20-21 
Doctrine and Covenants, one-thirty
Knowledge, laws, and Deity 
D&C 130:22-23
Doctrine and Covenants, one-thirty
Knowledge, laws, and Diety 

  D&C 131:14  
Doctrine and Covenants, one-thirty-one,
 Three heavens, not one

D&C 137:7-10 
Doctrine and Covenants, one-thirty-seven,
Those Dead, can gain heaven 
JS History 1:15-20   
Joseph Smith History, section l,
 This is my Beloved Son

Now that we're done studying the actual scriptures, and on to history, here are priciples that I've learned from the Pioneers:

When we work together for the common good, we accomplish more than seems possible.

Once Seminary starts this is going to be much more Church History/Doctrine and Covenants oriented. It starts the Tuesday after Labor Day, so its not that long, although once school starts, I might have trouble getting this site updated. :):)