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Let me Fall
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I'm not addicted!
For those of you who think I'm addicted to creating and maintaining this website,  I'm not!  Here's where I like to hang out otherwise. is a site for distributing Zines--mini magazines that individuals (teenage girls usually) produce. They feature journals, original literature, poetry and artwork. This one site is run out of Australia, so it's a little hassle to order from there but still cool.

Blue jean online is an awsome community for young women who refuse to buy into "Artificial and corporate mass media that stifles individuality." :)~Guess who?

Who is nicer? Corbin, or Josh? I DON'T KNOW!!!!

Here is the link to my church if you don't know much about it yet. Go ahead, find out "Why is this girl so gone on her religion?"

This is the link to my church, if you know whats going on. The latest talks etc., by the Prophet, and all the good stuff.

My fellow artists site. She sculpts these awsome dolls...its so good. Check it out. Supercute for gifts etc.

Braden's Site. Awsome mormon guy. Need I say more? :):) I love my friends.

If you have a cool link, let me check it out!