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Words seem to fail me,
As I stare into the night,
The goodness of His glory,
His mercy, and his might.
Oh! To be like Him!
To follow his command!
To cease to give temptation,
A place by me to stand.
To be refined in fire,
To know His truth and  light,
To sacrifice  my heart,
To win the 'ternal fight.
To share His Gospel's love,
Is my only wish,
His blessings, and his miracles,
Are to great to list.
I feel his love around me,
His sweet spirit fills my soul,
And, after years of wandering,
My heart has found it's home.


Why dont you ever see me

Why dont you understand

You say youll never know me

Is that the way its planned


To pretend it didnt happen

To pretend that Im not there

To pretend that you dont notice

How Im pretending, not to care


I dont care that you ignore me

Thats what I tell my friends

But you know Id do anything

To do it all again


You know that I love you

How can you walk away

How can you leave me standing

Was I ever in your way?


Did you ever see me?

Did you ever understand

You said you never knew me

You say thats how we planned


I dont know what you were thinking

But all I saw was you

I saw you and me together

Thats all I ever knew

Let me Fall
Anybody wanna' Peanut?


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I  Like to Rhyme
This is my poetry. Don't make fun; just read. If you have any comments, email me I like comments, as long as they're not too deragatory, or lame.

I don't know why I curl my hair

It's not as if it matters

My Mom says "My you look nice."

And then it doesn't matter.


I curl my hair, change my clothes

But no on really cares

My peers are wrapped up in their own issues

And no one really cares.


I like this guy (with all the rest)

But he doesn't waste his time

thinking on me. Why should he

Why should he waste his time?


More importantly

Why does it matter

Why should I care


Am I wasting

my time?


I Know I'm so much better than this

These stupid little games

Everyone thinks I'm just outside the box

Their stupid little games.


What they don't realize is

they're trapped in the box

blind misguided and decieved

trapped in the box.


What's so ironic is

I might give it all

up to live that "normal life."

I might give it all


But then I remember

my Lord my God

Who guides me on my way

My Lord my God


And then I know it matters

to be outside the box

might be stressful and not seem like the most fun

but to be outside the box


Means that I know which team I'm on

I know where I'm going

Know what to do

to get where I'm going.

This day will last forever,
Wrapped beneath the skies,
In the corner of my memory,
Your words will never die,
My doubts will still be there,
But I will not fail to see
The fire that I have,
The one you helped me be
I am not alone,
And I am not afraid,
My friends are here beside me,
They never shall betray
And we will stand together,
One people voice, intent.
This day will last forever,
This day for us was meant

The earth lies still,
silent, and submissive
encrypted in its snowy sepulcher

for one brief moment
the harsh winds of father time

for the time to be reborn

the measure of its creation
like the celestial orbs

As the phoenix
rising from it's ashes
light from dark
begins a new.

Christine Shearer (she's the best)

I'm all alone,
With my thoughts,
My words,
Silent and solitary,
In my pain,
My fear,
My joy.
Sleep will not come,
It is hidden,
Under regrets,
And imagined circumstance.
My conscience is alert,
To all the things,
I should've said,
Should've done.
And yet, here I lie,
Motionless, but for my pen,
Soundless, but for breath,
And hopeless; but for you.
For, I remember how,
You use to hold my hand,
Tracing in my palm,
Things I didn't understand.
I understand them now,
The things you shared so dear,
But you will never know,
For you are nowhere near.
And you shall not return,
I pushed you far away,
You have left me now,
Alone,  I shall stay.
Alone I'll be, and waiting,
Until that fateful day,
When I meet a stranger,
Who'll smile just your way.
He'll give me tears of laughter,
He'll help to heal my pain,
We'll work 'longside each other,
And I'll never be, again,
Alone, in the night,
With the scratching of my pen,
And regrets of long-lost love,
Of who I should have been.
My doubts will all be silenced,
My fears will cease to be,
And then I will forget you,
Alone, I'll never be.

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