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Let me Fall
Tom Riddle's Diary


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Yeah, been a long time, sorry! If you want the daily scoop, check my AIM profile on TikaW1, I put funny stuff in there.

Seminary is good. Church is good too. I'm so sad that Sister Robertson was released a while ago! Now I can't wait to get into Relif Society. It seems so strange to be 17, I feel like I should be back at14 or 15 with all of the other Laurels guiding I have to guide! :o!

School is good too, althoght this past week I have been slipping ( I suppose it would help if I did my work in study hall, instead of updating my webpage, hm?). I'm trying much harder and life is good. Spring Vacation was fun, I wish Mary and Steve could have been there! Stake Conference was good, I had quite a few people tell me that my talk was really good :) that made me happy. I can't wait for the dance the 11th. You think, because I talked at stake conference, more boys will know I'm an awsome person and ask me to dance? I hope so.

Speaking of dances, I do NOT have a date to prom as of yet. I thought I had one for a long time, but he can't go anymore! :P I was voicing my irritation in Spanish class today. It's not like I'm too shy to ask someone, I did, and the guys I want to go with either have dates or they can't go. It's not affecting my self-esteem or anything, I just think I'd have more fun with a date.

Speaking of self-esteem, on a side note, I was going through a really tough time with regard to eating proper amounts and losing weight and that, but I'm better now. I just post it in case one of you lovely girls who check my site are having issues with that, email me!

I'm going to the Dave Matthews Band concert this summer with Steve and Mary! I think Nikki (sorry sp?) too. I asked Jules Miller to come, but he is down in Summerfest that day. *bummer*

We are going to state for forensics! Its the best, we're really good, we added chairs to our routine now, and we're enhancing it other ways as well. This weekend is going to be really hectic, with the dance friday night, 5:30 am saturday we have to board the limo (LIMO! :) ) to go to state, get back from that at 3. At 6:00 I have people showing up at my house for prom dinner. Instead of going to some resteraunt (we couldn't agree on one anyway) and spending money (I'm poor, as well as dateless) we are all coming over to my house, using the good china, and everyone is bringing some potluck. :) well there's the bell, adios!

Betsy :)


Sorry that I havn't updated in a while, life's been busy, and my time on the computer has been severely limited, so I just havn't had time to hop on here to publish anything. Our computer has some wish to die too, b/c it seems to crash about every three just when I have everything set the way i want it..It crashes!

School is good. I think I'm doing well in all my classes except for AP Stats, because tests are bad in that class. On the last test I was doing great until the last page. Grrrrr! Methinks I should take a less difficult math. Mr. Reiman is as infuriating for me and Kelly as ever, well, perhaps 'infuriating' isn't the right word, more like "Incorrigable." We finished Hamlet in Lit, and now I just plowed through Othello. I love that play. I just The Crucible on my own too, so now I need to read Death of a salesmen. Teachers seem to be going easy on the homework right now. Or, I could just be not waiting to do it till the last minute, or probably b/c I have two study halls. :) I enjoy some free time it's when I read all my books!  I havnt' had time to broaden my music tastes at all, it's kind of sad. Plus I'm poor, otherwise I'd just run into a music store, grab something and see what kind of music it is. International music is cool! Someone told me that downloading music was advocating communism b/c it supports the theory that there is no private property. ???? It was an interesting insight.

My friends are the best. I had a pretty good time at the (church) dance even though it was kind of lame. What else? OH! Steve came back for the weekend a while ago and he and I polished off a box of frosted animal crackers while discussing life in general. It was good. Even though I really slept through Mary's party I still had fun! She and I did go see Beauty and the Beast and it was great.  I had an awsome time at East's snowball dance too.  I don't feel like posting my entire romantic life online ( much as you all would love to read it, I know) but the dance was fun, even though things didn't turn out.

Man, there are days I wish my life weren't so hard.  I can't change what I want or what I believe in to try to protect or please other people right? Of course not. I know that I'm doing almost everything right, it's just not cool sometimes. Well, that's highschool I suppose. I've sworn off boys till after my mission (or at least theirs). Speaking of missionaries, they closed down the allouez/depere area in our ward so now we only have 2 pair! :(

Piano is going okay. I'm learning a lot of theory, and even though I had to drop my solo and ensemble piece to play for choir, Ms. Jerry thinks I should learn a few Bach inventions. I need to re-learn the Moonlight Sonata too. I have time to practice's just a matter of getting down and practicing.*sigh*

:) I'm sorry If I'm supposed to be writing you and I havn't in a while... Betsy still isn't perfect.....but I'm trying. :) bye!

Ahhh life is good. Now that exams are over I finally have some time to relax! Yaayness! Sorry to those of you who I write letters to, but have been behind I'll get right up on those I promise! :) What a wonderful thing free time is!
I have two study halls next semester, and I lose a difficult class, so it will be much easier to juggle piano and schoolwork. :) I really need the piano practice too. On both my showchoir pieces and the solo for festival. Everyone at choir has been really nice about me missing beats (or measures) and I think it's definately going to work.
I'm expanding my literary reptoire with this new free time. I bought 7 books at the thrift store today! Stuff like "Sense and Sensibility," "Island of the Blue Dolphins." I just finished re-reading "Reviving Ophelia." I need to go through my entire collection of wonderful literature again with a highlighter. I love books. I think it impacts how I think too. Especially cool women-oriented books like "Jane Eyre," and "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." Stuff like that. I need to get a copy of  "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
Also my taste in music is changing. I love Fiona Apple, and Tori Amos. Punk is still great, and my friend Greg burned me a CD of death metal, and I like most of it. Can you believe it? The bishop's daughter listening to death metal. Great! Oh Lili Hayden is good too. I really want to see the musical Chicago, even if it is a little risque. All that Jazz!
Mary and I are going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Weidner Center on the 13th for her birthday. She won't tell me what she want's otherwise for her birthday, but I'm going to try to get an awsome present ready anyway.
My birthday was awsome (the 13th) THANKS! to all of you who made it that way. Seriously I had the greatest time; it was simply the best.
I've really gained a testimony of the power of praying and reading scriptures daily.  Mary gave me a CD (Its the best. I LOVE HER A LOT!) and it has a wonderful (so cool!) arrangement of  "If You Could Hie to Kolob" on it ( a LDS hymn) and thats what I listen to during my morning time. Its 7 minutes long and its so nice to have that little break before life starts to run away with me.
Here I go running again. Check in with me, I love getting email, even if it does take me a while to return it. :)
Love you!

Okay, as most of you know, I've been grounded from chatting. Thankfully though, my parents are letting me go on the computer to draw, be addicted to Josh and the Grobanite boards, and update my website. ;) If you want to know why I got grounded you'll have to email me. :)
If you do want to hang out after I'm ungrounded (three weeks from now) call me! And if you feel like making my day, call me just to talk (I'm not grounded from the phone. Heee hee!)
I wish we would have gotten two extra days off this week. Ai yi yi. I don't think I would have minded staying a little more at the end of the school year, would you? Ah, well. Not like we did a whole lot of work anyway. :)
Alright I put a new picture in the Christmass 2002 gallery, it's just me playing with my new toy, check it out! I'll send y'all another update next week.

Alright seeing as this is the new year I should probably update my journal. Plus someone harrassed me about it today (JOE!) so apparently I have an audience. 
I really really really don't want to go to school tommorow. I am not prepared to play piano for Rhapsody, but I think that doesn't start till Monday. *I hope*  I also have yet to finish that goshdarned speech for AcaDeca.  I'll finish it tonight but then I won't get to hang out with Mary! :( Oh well.  Can't wait till Saturday.
My vacation was awsome. Only one downpoint, and if you don't know what that is I'm not going to tell ya, the people who need to know, already do. The Seminary dance was a blast. I'll see y'all next year, although hopefully a few of you before then. :) 
I'm so glad Elder Alcocer got me a Libro de Mormon, now it's my recreation. Isn't that strange? Reading scriptures and learning words in spanish is FUN for me. Yeah, if you don't like the way I'm rockin the boat,  jump out.  I also get to play a duet with Alcocer sometime soon we can practice hopefully.
Piano (other than the Rhapsody thing, which shall be resolved shortly) is going well.  I'm really going to try for a star first on my class A solo this year, ( Chopin's prelude in Db, also known as Raindrop)  but it has to be memorized so I'll need luck with that.
Sara got me the sister missionaries in Manitowac's number so now I get to hang out with them, go on splits or something! Thats way cool!
Life is tough, but I'll make it, and you will too. Just endure, you'll never be given something you can't handle, and if you are, give me a call or drop me an email. :) Luvubye!
Okay, so this thing doesn't really get updated that much. I do have a life! Can you blame me?
Life is good.