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Let me Fall
My Song


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I like to write songs. Usually they come in somewhere around the middle of the night, but I write them down. I'll just put the lyrics here, the melody and chords are still in my head, for now.

I Loved You All Along
You were my distraction
My greatest, fondest friend
But I never saw attraction
Until our story's end
I loved you all along
There was no one else but you
You're my love my only song
And all that we went through
Was just for this moment
So I'd see for one last time
I'm so glad that you waited
You stayed right by my side
Your faith was unabated
And, now this is our time
How did you know to wait
How did you make me see
I thought no one could have
the love you have for me
 I loved you all along
No one else but you
You were my heart's only song
And I never knew
Until you looked inot my eyes
I could not look away
Your in my soul, you're my surprise
And I love you more each day
And all I see is you
You're all I know for sure
So what am I to do
What are we waiting for
-slower tempo-
I loved you all along
And now you're here with me
I finally hear the song
The greatest melody...

This song is strange in rhythem and melody. I don't exactly remember the way I wrote it, otherwise I would have modified it, but the only clue we have to the melody and accents on words is the way its typed, lines and spaces. :) good luck!
Without You
I need to understand
Why is it this way
Why don't I belong
How will I live another day
Without you
I remember the feel
Your kiss your touch the
gentle way you held
My hand
But now it's not enough
And I don't think I'll
Ever know the reason
Why can't we be free?
Just you and me?
This world won't let us
Spread our wings and
I know it's what you want
It's what I wanted too
Untill I realized
What my life would be
Without you
Living is so easy
Just walk along the lines
But the lines, thy cease to matter
If there's no one by your side
Take me with you
Don't go
I know you'll leave me
And I will live to see
Another day
You've gone and now I knwo,
Now I understand
The pieces are all there
They're lying in my hand
I won't put them back together
Cause that's not what you say
You want
But I will hold them here
Until the day when you
Will come to me and