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Let me Fall
Christmas 2002


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The newest bits of artwork that I created while still learning how to use my confuser tablet I got for Christmas

Purple eye outline
my first creation!

Stencil 1
no real title for this one yet, sorry!

I was just messing around with profiles and such and the face came out kinda cool, and then the rest just followed! Originally it was an outline, and I filled it in. We are currently doing prints in my art class and I took the outlines off  b/c then it looked like a stencil/print. Plus it looks cooler that way! I like the stained glass/Beauty and the Beast feel. :) 12-25-02

Regular Girl1

I did a search on google images 'regular girl' and got a few cool pics to draw. This is just a sketch of one. I suspect I'll color it soon. ;)

Abby 1-4-02
Photo reference used

This is  a quick sketch of a picture of Abby from the Drama club trip to Milwaukee. Picture curtosy of Marie Holl. I probably should have gone over the shading on it. It looked better, but then I made the canvas black, so I wouldn't have to color the bus windows behind her. :) I don't think it turned out to bad really. If anyone has any interesting pictures that I might be able to use to draw, let me know! Otherwise y'all are going to see some sketches of the Seminary dance! :)

a good shading experiment

I think I'm really getting the hang of my drawing software now. This picture was actually of two friends, but I didn't want to draw both. It's not perfect, I didn't try to draw teeth, or really get all the coloring in the lines, but I think it turned out well. The tilt of the head was a little off too. Ah well! :)