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Let me Fall
Now Music: Betsy!


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Ever wish your life had a soundtrack? This one is mine.

I really do wish my life had a soundtrack. Here's what I like right now. You can pretty much tell how my life is going by what muxic is in here. :):) If it brings upa window asking you if you want to download, you dont have to, just hit "Open" not "Save."  I'll probably update it frequently, or whenever I think of a good tune. :) Enjoy! 

Love, Live and Laugh...
and then love some more.

All Been Done-Barenaked Ladies

California Girl-Lucky 7

Then She Appeared-XTC

This isn't a complete file, b/c I
couldn't find one on the web,
But the tune was on Gilmore Girls,
so I couldn't resist posting. :)

Love Hurts

Cheek to Cheek-The Starting Line